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02-05-2006, 12:45 PM
I have a Lincoln Electric 110 mig welder & use argon CO2 (works WAY better since I started using gas & not just flux wire)

I am repairing rocker panels on a 79 Scout II "summer car." Am considering having a 1/8" inner rocker panel made up then having outer rockers made up from some stainless I already have.

The Lincoln Electric site specifies the wire to use welding stainless to nonstainless. I am looking for comments from someone who has done this. The tradeoffs are between intercrystalline corrosion and the normal rust you get with rocker panels anyway. Once a rockerpanel is welded in, it is not possible to back coat the surfaces you can't see & you get rust.

About 4 years ago I patched/mig welded all good metal on this rocker & went to a lot of trouble to back coat with POR15. It was a waste of time & money. The rocker panel wicked rotted out anyway.

Bob Hollinshead
02-15-2006, 02:42 PM
I've done patchwork with stainless sheetmetal with no problems using regular ER70 welding wire and CO2/Argon. The benifits are the patch will not corrode but your welds are still suseptible. Treat the inside areas of your rockers with a cavity wax coating like 3M's rustfighter, Transtar's Amber spray, or cosmoline.