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02-23-2007, 10:58 PM
Alright guys, I haven't bought one yet but I am preparing for the possibility of having to push out the rear of my car some to take care of a buckle in the quarter panel that I posted a while ago and should be a few threads down.

A porta power was suggested as a possible solution if the buckle were indeed caused by the rear end bump that also bent up the rear panel some (hammer and dolly work). I'll repost the pictures here for you to see...

The trunk, and you can sort of see the surfaces I have to work with to push off from...
And the buckle, its there, you can tell by the crooked line the light creates going through it. Very vertical and shallow but indeed there, and being right before the rear wheel well, that's where it would try to start bunching up...

Alright, I have a few specific questions.

With such a small thing like that, any measurements would be REALLY close from either side to compare lengths and whatnot to see if it really is shorter on the driver side. What would be some good points to measure from, or use a straight edge on to get more information?

With such a small smooth buckle, what would the chances be that a porta power would do more damage to the trunk and rear panel attempting to push the back of the car rearwards to pull out the buckle?

Considering damage especially to the rear panel, looking at the rear view what would you guys suggest to brace the porta power against it to keep it from pushing the whole rear panel out of whack before it takes out the buckle? I haven't used one so I don't know the magic of 'em yet.

The buckle oil pans REALLY easily from inside the trunk so something has got to be done with it.

Phil V
02-24-2007, 12:32 AM
A porto power on that tail panel would be a lot of overkill the way I see it. You do need a studwelder. With the stud welder you could pull out all the dents in the tail panel. The dent in the quarter panel has very little if anything to do with the tail panel at this point. When the car got whacked in the tail panel it flexed enough to cause that light buckle in the quarter panel The tail panel bounced back most of the way but the quarter panel was left with a light buckle. Try this for the buckle in the quarter panel -- push the dent out (and hold it out) with one hand, then with your other hand feel for a high spot "ridge" just above that dent (there will be a ridge there). Tap that ridge down with a bodyhammer so that its level with the metal around it. When you do that the dent will stay out and no more oil can effect popping in and out. It also looks like you might have a little bit of a high spot below the dent in the quarter panel as well. If there is a high spot there then tap it down just like the upper part of the dent. If the top part of the tail panel is pushed forward a little then get a block of wood like a 12 to 18 inch piece of 2X4 and around a two pound hammer/maul. Lay the wood up against the upper part of the tail panel on the inside (trunk area) then what that wood 2X4 with the hammer. I really see no need for a porto power to do any of the whole tail panel job.

If money is tight and you really can't afford a new studwelder kit then check your local pawn shops for a good used stud welder setup. Make sure it comes with the slide hammer. I bought a $450 stud welder kit at my local pawn shop for a $100 and it was still like new with just about full boxes of pulling pins, different tips etc. If I was doing the tail panel and quarter on your beemer I'd guess it would be ready for primer in a couple hours of work. Thats a really easy job.

Phil V
02-24-2007, 12:46 AM
You should start by removing the bumper and the tail lights (and the beemer logo emblem). Grind all the paint off the whole tail panel with a 36 or 40 grit disc. Then put you newly acquired studwelder to work. You're going to need a body/pic hammer and a universal dolly also.

02-24-2007, 01:05 AM
Ill get on it :) Money is tight but I've had this car so damn long, I'm spending like its going out of style anyway to really get it going sooner than later.

Thanks for your help, again.