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01-25-2006, 11:07 PM
i just had a broken window replaced on my ford winstar, driver side sliding door,

the i watched the mechanic try to fit the new window in the frame, he tried to drill holes where the screws were supposed to fit into the frame, then after having a hard time with fitting, he finally just clipped the screws off the window with clipping plyers, about 12 screws, and glued the glass onto the frame with glue, a type of black rubbery glue that takes a few days to completely dry,

i got a real good deal on the window, i guess it is not the exact, proper kind for a ford winstar,

was this window job good? should i get the right glass with the screws that go right into the window frame,

01-26-2006, 01:19 AM
Welcome to the wonderful world of aftermarket {Chinese} parts!
Depending on what type of adheisive he used,you may be OK,two basic types,urethane,which dries hard and rubbery,and butyl,which stays soft and pliable.
Try to feel around the glass to see what kind of glue it is,or try to stick a sewing needle thru it...butyl will go right in ,urethane is going to be a hell of a struggle.....
If it's a urethane,your probably OK,this is the stuff used to hold windshields and most stationary glass in modern cars,installed correctly,glass isn't coming out without a fight!
If it's butyl,which I'm almost positive it was originally held in with,you can actually just PUSH the glass off the door! May not leak,but in an accident,if someone's head hits it hard enough.......