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01-13-2007, 01:01 PM
I have a friend that has an '04 Trailblazer that had an a/c from his traveltrailer fall on the hood and dent up the front lip. A bodyshop quoted him 3k to repair and paint it,at least he thinks it was that much. Anyway, I found a hood for $213/primed from Car Parts Wholesale. My "Q" is are there any extra things I would need to consider purchasing to do the repair i.e. new hinges, springs blah blah blah. This hood is CAPA certified if that means anything to you. Is it difficult/tricky to get it all lined up properly?

What would be an appropriate charge? I was thinking around 1k with material and time. The color is white.

01-13-2007, 01:58 PM
$3000 to repair or replace a hood can't be correct (not sure off hand how much a GM hood for a trailblazer list for but I would guess in the $500-600 range). Do you have a pic of the damage to the hood? It could possibly be repaired vs. replacing. Also, is there damage to the front grille or anything else? (that would drive up the cost) If it was my '04 Trailblazer I wouldn't put an aftermarket/Taiwan hood on. If it does need to be replaced and your friend wants to save some money, look for a used GM hood in nice shape. Taiwan hoods (CAPA certified or not) aren't as good as genuine replacement parts....they don't fit as good and IMHO the metal used is inferior to genuine parts. The shop where I work won't use aftermarket hoods, and will only use a/m fenders (when forced to by the insurance co.) on older cars in average to poor shape. If you can post some clear pics from different angles we can determine if the hood is worth fixing or not. I seriously doubt the hinges, etc. need replacing judging by how you've describe the damage. Cully

01-13-2007, 02:29 PM
If it's just a hood, replacing and refinishing for 1K is probably still too much if the hoos is $213. Shouldn't have to blend, so I think 6-700 would be a good price. Hoods arent that hard to line up. Just dont slam it shut the 1st time you bolt it on, untill you know it will clear both fenders. Should be a simple fix

01-14-2007, 03:59 PM
No, the damage is not that bad. I just don't have the equipment, not to say this is not an excuse to get it, to pull out the dents. I thought that the new hood would be faster and I would not have to worry about my repair ability.
What would be a good stud puller? I would like a mobile tool.

Ironhead 59
02-01-2007, 06:35 AM
In reply to the hood,it shouldnt cost but around 600.00 for everything and as far as stud guns go we use the Spitznagel gun,it is aroud 7 years old,and has took plenty of abuse.