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01-15-2006, 12:43 PM
So im finishing someone elses project cause they blew the engine in it so i got the car dirt cheap.The frame has never been accidented,the floor has no holes no rust.The car has been sitting in a barn for about 2 years.The guy who had it before blew the engine and gave up on the car.Im looking for some tips i wanna do the body work myself and bring the car to primer then leave someone with exp to paint it its original color.So far the only thing i know to use is bondo lol and fiberglass repair kits.This is why i said i was a noob.Im not looking to do $7000 or work on it but i wont be cheap eather.Once it get warm ill get the car out and take pics of all the rust and damage on the car.My causin owns a shop that depaints cars with sometipe of beed i never looking into till now.He had told me he car strip airplane wings to bare stell so a car would not be a problem.Now if i plan on fixing this car so theres no leaks when it rains ect...

01-21-2006, 07:44 AM
Wait until you get the car out and start working on it then ask questions about the problems you are having. It's difficult to give answers to general problems when you don't know what they are. Even if you know what the problems are but you are not working on the car then the answers will probably be forgotten by the time you need them.