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11-26-2006, 06:45 PM
Hi people,
Newbie to the forum here,my wife just tail ended another truck the other day(there both fine) and smashed the front end of my truck in.The bumper is shot as is the grill and front driver side fender.The fender is pushed up and back the door and hood still open.I was wondering is this just going to be a matter of getting new parts and bolting them on?I have never done bodywork before but i am handy with tools i am a carpenter ect. ect. any help would be greatly appreciated

11-26-2006, 07:11 PM
hey there, welcome to the forum. because of the fact that your new to this, i highly recommend you get an estimate from a bodyshop near you just so you have some idea of what your getting into. if you can find and identical truck, matching color and everything in a junkyard you can jsut swap out the parts, but if you cant find a truck wiht an identical color, you have a few options. find the identical truck and just take the parts off and either paint them yourself or have a body shop do it for you, then bolt them on, or you can buy acutal replacement panels, and paint them, or you can actually repair the panels yourself and paint them, the easiest methods are the first two i told you about. if you can get us some pictures, we can help you a lot more