View Full Version : 98 Mustang Radiator Support

08-27-2006, 12:23 PM
My Mustng was backed into and I purchased an aftermarket Radiator Support. Any tips or tutorials on removing and replacing the new Radiator Support. I am a back yarder trying to fix my ride. :)

08-27-2006, 01:37 PM
Purchasing the new metal before you start will show you the extent of the metal that needs to be removed.

Remove all the parts in front of the support including grill, bumper, hood latch, headlamps etc.

Remove the fenders and radiator/condenser. Sometimes you can get away with just unbolting these items without having to remove them totally from the vehicle.

Detach any wiring etc that is attached to the support.

Find, center punch and remove all spot welds holding the support to other panels. Once the support is removed you can repair the attached sheetmetal so that the new support will fit properly. Use a spot weld drill so that you do less damage to the remaining metal, if you use a standard drill bit you will cause much larger holes than you would with a decent spot weld remover bit.

Welding in the new support should be pretty straight forward. I usually use a combination of plug and lap welding to install the new support. Pay attention to the location of the old welds and do most of your welding in those areas.

I usually paint the support before I install it then I repaint the areas that are damaged by the install. This usually results in less mistakes when painting and fewer areas are missed.