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05-30-2014, 05:19 AM
Hello new here,Everytime I Google a question I'm needing help with when it comes to paint I end up.lurking here & with this len fella being so knowlegable & helpful it was just a matter of time before I joined.I even had buddies on other sites give len praises.So here I am with my first question. I'm doing a very metallic cobalt blue .Anyways I never try to lay clear close to sundown as that's when all of the bugs come out & my property is very wooded & the shop sits with about 600 acres of woods.(not all mine).Right behind it.So yup tons of bugs well I was wrapping up & went to do my last coat & it was too late the panels were hanging in the shop & had the rig outside & shot the roof now this is a big lifted truck but the gnats & somehow what appears to be dirt got Im there. I never paint anything outdoors could it just be dirt in the air?
The panels inside had same issues even got a freaking beatle in there on his back.<<<<<NOW FORGIVE ME FOR I RANT & HERE IS MY QUESTION>>I've been looking for a way to remove the small.dirt nibs even the gnats are super small.With a grey 3M pad they all come out this is a budget job but I'm not handing nobody there ride back with small what feels like pieces of salt here & there.So is there a way to use a finer grit than 2500 to get the grit out without making if dull & having to buff?Anybody have an idea as I'm sure I will come across this issue in the future.
Thanks, Cut

05-30-2014, 07:41 AM
Welcome aboard Cut
There are several variables here. If the bugs or dirt hit the wet paint after a couple of coats were applied then they may not be too deep in the clear and you may be able to file, sand and polish them out. If the paint was real wet at the time the dirt and bugs hit then they are probably too deep to remove completely without going all the way through the clear and repainting may be necessary to correct the problems.

When a bug gets stuck in wet paint it usually pays to break out the tweezers and pull them out of the paint and apply another coat or two so that the paint can be sanded smooth after hardening.

Prevention is Better than a Cure
Our shop is located in a similar environment as yours and we're careful not to allow shop lighting to attract bugs to the shop at night. No outdoor lighting is left on for more than a couple minutes and windows are kept closed or screened at all times. Days before paint is applied cars are covered the shop is fogged and left overnight to kill any flying insects.

Dirt almost always comes from not cleaning the vehicle properly so pay attention to cracks and gaps where dirt can blow onto the paint while you're spraying. Blow out behind moldings and between panels.

Once you have dust or bugs in the hardened paint it almost always takes a good plan to get them out. On all high spots created by contaminants or by runs in the paint we use a Nib File (shown below) to remove most of the high spots then a Run Blocker with 1200/1500/2000 to level the surface then we polish it back to a gloss.

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Run Blocker Link (http://autobodystore.net/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ABS&Product_Code=RB3&Category_Code=PSH)

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