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07-28-2006, 10:37 AM
Hello. This is my first post here, although I've been reading a lot & recently purchased the Airvantage sander here. Pls excuse a newbie's basic questions because I know this is second nature to seasoned painters. I've only painted one car (old Mustang using Dupont BC/CC w/Devilbiss conventional JGA gun) and had OK (for a newbie) results. However, my son & I recently tried to spray his GMC pickup and the orange peel is terrible so we have to respray. We're using a new Astro QUL HVLP w/1.5 tip to spray Dupont Centari w/hardner. This is the first time we've used this gun so I'm looking for advice about what we are doing wrong. A complication is that the paint (original GM blue) has metallic flakes, so unfortunately we can't just try to use the new Airvantage sander to remove the orange peel. Because of our lack of experience I'm trying to troubleshoot our problem so we can save paint $$'s. I'm also hoping to paint at least one more car (my '53 Dodge truck) so I'd like to get it right. As I gather from previous posts here, the problem could be:

1) the wrong reducer causing it to dry too fast? (we used the correct temp reducer & correct mixing ratios)
2) too low of a gun pressure? (the gun recommends 29psi at the regulator to give 10psi output)
3) keeping gun distance too far? (this may be our problem, but we tried to keep it ~6-8 inches)
4) maybe we were not putting it on 'wet' enough?

I know the metallic makes things difficult, but what do you think are our best options? Would trying a 1.7 nozzzle help? Should we spend more $$'s and try BC/CC with the metallic (my son is a college student w/little money)? Should we leave out the metallic from the AE paint so that if orange peel happens next time it can be 'fixed' by sanding & buffing?

Any advice would be appreciated.


07-28-2006, 11:20 AM
Acyrlic enamel with metallic content can be hard to shoot wet enough for a shine and no peel and still have no mottling or striping issues. Your better off with bc/cc for metallics and if you need to shoot a car on a budget then use a solid color with no metallic content and you can still go with acrylic enamel and be OK even if it has bad orange peel and you layed on say 2-3 coats of paint you could wait a week after it baking in the sun then sand and buff it out to a mirror finish ! :)