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07-15-2006, 08:49 AM
Well as the title states I need help choosing a gun. I know there are alot of these threads, and I have been doing alot of reading on here, but I thought it was best to ask before I bought. Anyways I am just a hobbist/diy guy looking for an affordable paint gun. Me and my friends have been messing around with cars for a long time, engine swaps,turbos etc and just recently got into painting are own cars(haha don't have money for pro job, and like the satisfaction of diy!)and have been using the IR hvlp gun from lowes $100 http://www.irtools.com/lowes/270g.html. Its not a bad gun you all may laugh but we have sprayed with it mettalic silver bc/cc,filer primer,primer, sealer and single stage white all with the same gun and tip(1.5). Actually each one has turned out really good, we have just spent alot-alot of time in preping and finishing, wetsand/buff etc. However now I want to step-up to a better gun and maybe use the IR gun for primer. So my limit on a gun is around $100 but could go up to $150 for a really good deal. The guns I have been looking at are:
DeVilbiss Finishline III Gravity Feed HVLP with 1.3 fluid tip
Code: DEVFLG653G13
Price: $99.50

Astro Gravity Feed HVLP
Price: $89.95

Astro LVLP Spray Gun
Price: $75.00

So any suggestions on these guns would be very helpful, or if there is any gun that I have overlooked fill me in on it. Also If any of you have a really good gun but used that you willing to sell that would be better than these for same price I could go that way.

Sorry for the long post I just wanted to give as much info as could!


07-15-2006, 11:18 AM
Buy the Devilbiss Plus from Len and be done with it. You already have a primer gun . The plus will take care of all your spraying needs. A little more money up front but a lot cheaper in the long run.

Make all those buddies cough up some dough to help out.

Mooch :D

07-15-2006, 12:11 PM
My choice in the $100 dollar range would be the Finishline 3 HVLP 1.3 or the Durablock HVLP 7003, and if you can afford it the Plus.

Keep in mind the Plus will have faster application speed than the IR gun you were using, and the Finsihline 3 HVLP will be closer to what you were used to and maybe a little faster.:)

07-15-2006, 04:02 PM
Thanks guys for the replies. :( sadly the devilss plus is out of my price range. So I guess its between the Finishline 3 hvlp 1.3 or the Dura Block HVLP 7003 GMS w/1.3 nozzle. Also I saw another gun in my price range the sharpe cobalt, don't know if its anygood. I guess the astros are not throw out complety but with the advice I have gotten so far I am leaning toward the finishline 3. Anymore advice/opions on this would be great help!


07-15-2006, 04:28 PM
Either the Finishline III or the Dura-Block 7003 GMS gun would be my choice. The DB comes with an inlet regulator and a cup swivel plus it sprays quite well but only comes with the 1.3 tip. If you wanted other tips for the DB you would need to purchase them. The Finishline has a numer of tips available when you purchase the gun so you could get it with a 1.3 all the way to a 2.2 and buy other tips as you need them. The down side of the Finishline is that you need to purchase the inlet pressure gauge ($19) to use the gun properly.

As far as the Sharpe guns go... I'm having problems finding warehouses that are carrying parts for Sharpe guns. I have several customers who have purchased T1s and I'm having trouble getting parts for them. I'm dealing with some of the largest tool warehouses in the country and if they don't carry the parts then their distribution and availability is in question.

07-15-2006, 05:14 PM
Thanks Len!, Well if I get the Finishline III with the DeVilbiss Finishline Inlet Pressure Valve/Gauge, it would be bout the same price as the Dura-Block HVLP 7003 GMS w/1.3 nozzle. I think I am going to get the Finishline III.