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08-01-2011, 08:01 PM
wish i had some before pics of what my project looked like to show the rust and what not but i just started taking pics now :goof:....

My car had a ok paint job but right above the drip rail was rust hell, passenger side had it along the whole side of the roof.Rust was about 4-5 inches wide from the pinch welds to some points past the curve of the roof:nono:

the car had been painted at a Chevy dealership in 93 and still looked good the day i bought it in 2003. rust in both sides of the roof started appearing i took it down to the local (take my money and slap bondo in it) place and the rust started showing over the now Black painted roof....

I decided to do it right and do it myself....I can put together a engine in a hour but bodywork.....never been down that road. ...the learning curve was steep to say the least.

I cut the about 2 inches past the rust (very scary taking a cut off wheel to my roof) i applied the kbs process to the inside of roof in between pinch welds and pretty much everywhere!I then tac welded my patch panels in.....lots lots lots of tacs.

i duraglassed the repair then molded the filler kinda into shape and now iam glazing it for the small imperfection. I also started all the work on the small dings i had.

I left the chevy paint job on the car since it was a quality paint job, i removed the enamel junk they painted my car with the second time with and that's where iam at now. Lots more work ahead of me but iam getting there, I couldn't do any of this stuff without this forum and len's advice great SITE!

here some how it sit pics!



08-01-2011, 09:15 PM
If I were going through all that work I'd seriously consider taking it down to the metal. Leaving paint on the car can generate more work that taking it to the metal and starting with a good coat of primer.

If you do decide to remove the rest of the coating I'd recommend that you sand it off with a sander/buffer and not use chemical stripper.

08-02-2011, 01:16 PM
I completely agree with u len but the there's some key facts why iam not.

where the car is sitting is where we build engines, currently already in deep shit over getting top half of car to metal(dust everywhere)pretty sure iam over welcoming my "do the bodywork in here" statement.

the fact i don't have a booth or a air compressor(took a shit last month) or any spray guns, iam having a buddy spray the car at his shop. he wanted to much for the rust repair and body work.

so that's my horrible situation, way i see it i really just want to get rid of that cancer and if paint aint the best (which i know it wont be) down the rd when things get better, i will do it the right way bare metal to paint.

updates coming soon!