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06-21-2006, 05:58 PM
I have a 99 Jeep cherokee that was involved in an accident that required the hood,grill,bumper & end caps to be replaced.When I picked up the jeep
all of the parts that were replaced were painted solid black & the rest of the vehicle looks like its a metallic black. When I questioned this the shop manager told me that the paint code specified plain solid black and that is all they are required to do is match the original color. He told me he felt that the repair was acceptable despite the fact that it did not match the rest of the vehicle. I checked the paint code when I got home today and it most certainly does specify px8 wich is black w/clear. I looked up paint colors that were available for 99 jeep cherokee's and without having seen an actual paint chip of the available colors, if I had to guess I would say it might be a color coded paw witch is called dark slate pearlcoat. My question is, Is this possible and would this other color look like a metallic color in sunlight compaired to a regular black?

06-21-2006, 11:39 PM
The shop should MATCH the repair to the original finish. If you can tell that the color doesn't match you can sure bet that they saw it and should have made it match before you even saw it.

If your insurance company recommended the shop they you should call them and complain but if you chose the shop then you should take it back and ask them to match the color. You want your vehicle in "pre-accident" condition or pretty close to it and a mismatch should not be acceptable unless the job was done on the cheap.

If the shop used decent material they should be able to call their supplier and have the original color SCANNED which would tell them the exact color so the code doesn't need to be judged as adequate or not.

06-22-2006, 06:38 AM
Len thanks for the quick reply.Yes this is an insurance job and the work is being done by a shop recomended by them. They tod me if I used their shop that I would recive a lifetime guarantee on the repair work.I spoke with my agent yesterday befor leaving work to pick up the jeep and he told me that the area supervisor or somthing like that would be geting in touch with me today to discuss the matter and this information will help me in trying to get it resolved.

Phil V
06-22-2006, 09:46 AM
Just for the sake of conversation I'm going to play the devils advocate on this one. This situation gets into a serious grey area for the body/paint shop. The paint code affixed to the vehcile ('99 Jeep) is PX8 which transfers to PPG 9700 black. That black is a non metallic, no pearl, just plain black - black. The same black used on Ford and Chrysler vehicles.

That Jeep is already 8 years old and in those past 8 years it is conceivable that a previous owner had the vehicle custom painted to his own taste with a special custom mix paint of pearls or fine metallics. Its not the job of the autobody/paint repair shop in a case like this one to match a previous one-off custom paintjob. Especially if the insurance co. is only paying that shop to paint the vehicle with the stock factory color.

This situation should never have gotten to the point where it is now. The painter should have noticed immediately that there was a problem when the paint code tag called for 9700 black and the paint on the vehicle has fine metallics or pearl added. At that point he should have stopped what he was doing, called the shop foreman over and explained the problem to the foreman. That foreman should have contacted the shop supervisor who then contacted the insurance co., explained the problem. At that point the shop supervisor should already have had a solution to the problem mapped out and inform the insurance co. of that solution. AND how much extra that solution was going to cost the insurance co. The customer should not have been informed of a problem until the problem was already solved or not inform the customer at all of the paint issue. All the customer needs to see is his/her car back in their possession appearing to be in pre-accident condition WITH a proper paint match.

Feel free to print this out and take it with you to the paint shop. I have been a professional painter in a Chrysler/Jeep dealership paint shop and I've been a dealership autobody/paint shop foreman.

06-22-2006, 06:15 PM
Phil thanks for the reply I was hoping some of the professionals on this board would chime in and give me their opinions on this situation. Based on what you said in your post I assume you find it hard to believe that the paint code is incorrect. I purchased the jeep in may of 2002 so it is feasable that it was custom painted.On my original post I stated that I thought the color might be one called dark slate pearlcoat,because not only does it have a slight metallic look to it but it almost looks like a very dark gray compared to the black that was painted on the replacement parts. The body shop feels that the paint has faded. I realize the car is older but I also own a 94 chevy lumina that is torch red and when its washed and in the sun it still looks like it did when I bought it late in 93. The newer paints seem to hold up very well as long as the clear does not fail. Len explained in his post that the shop should be able to scan the paint that is on the vehicle and it will tell them the exact color of the vehicle. Is the solution to this problem really that simple,and if thats the case would scanning the color help compensate for the fade if in fact it really has faded. My first comment to the body shop when I talked with them about the mismatch is why they didnt blend the panels to help hide the difference in color and they told me they dont blend black vehicles they just panel paint them. It just seems to me that if the panels dont match that they need to do something to tie this paint job into the rest of the vehicle.

Phil V
06-23-2006, 12:02 PM
Paul, I agree with the paint shop in that there should be no need to blend PPG 9700 black. I would also be willing to bet that the insurance co. won't pay for blending of that black paint. There is no way that black paint faded to where it mismatches the rest of the vehicle. In a case of black paint that is clearcoated the only thing that might fade would be the clearcoat which can be brought right back to like new condition with a little rubbing/buffing out (assuming the paint is not getting white blotches from sun UV damage and the paint is beginning to delaminate, very unlikely in your case). It should have been simple enough to rub out the adjoining panels to the painted panels and get a close to perfect match.

The odds of the paint code tag being wrong is just about zero. With the caveat that the vehicle may have an aftermarket paint job that was not the original factory paint code color.

07-01-2006, 03:39 PM
as a collision painter, ive ran into this before with a rash of newer ford vehicles. brand new cars, with brand new black paint, with metallic in it. I even look up on the roof and still find metallic. I even had a shop manager tell me to match it. I told him to kiss off. Ford UA is straight black

I believe this can happen at any factory paint setup. any painter knows it doesnt take much to get a lil bit of metallic in a black car, we've ALL done it. If it is a lot of metallic, it was intentional. if its really subtle, its either factory, or it had collision work in the past(which is my guess)

340 man
07-02-2006, 12:00 PM
I`m a refinishing tech also, I`m not sure Chrysler offered a black met. in 1999 I don`t have any chips here with me though. If you bought the Jeep used the chances of someone spraying a black met. on it is possiable. Are the jambs painted met. black ? I would`nt think the vehicle has a wrong paint code attached to it. I also was a service writer part time at a Chrysler Jeep dealer last summer to learn something new, you can give the VIN number to a service writer an they can pull the warranty history up on the vehicle which will give you every detail about the Jeep including the paint code that would be one sure way to tell exactly what color it left the plant as. You could do that over the phone an they would be able to tell you. If in fact the Jeep was painted the by someone else with a different color it is the shops responsiabilty to match it regardless what color it is, why would`nt they want it to match that is there work driving around town people do talk.