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09-14-2010, 10:13 PM
OK, I have cut the door to 2000 and it looks smooth and ready for the compound.



As you can see I have covered the edge up to about 1/4" with masking tape.

I still need the definitive info on when when do I remove the masking paper from the edge's and how do I buff the un-cut edge to the rest of the panel? In other words do I remove the tape and gently use cutting compound then polishing compound or just go straight with the polishing compound? I'm so close but don't want to screw up at this late stage.



09-14-2010, 11:25 PM
take the tape off cause you'll get adhesive all over the place. Make sure the rotation of the buffer is rolling off the panel so that would mean the right side of the buffer should be rolling off the panel. If you have the left side of the buffer on the edge it will yank the buffer out of your hands and burn the edge instantly, or at least pretty quick.

I used to do it like you and then I realized in the area where it goes from peely to flat it seems like there's more buffing needed in those areas and the results are noticible. What I do now is just be mindful of the edge and kind of stay away from it and then I use a higher grit like 2000-3000 right up to the edge but carefully. Buffing is actually easier doing it that way for some reason. In any case, remember to roll your edges using a cut compound on wool and be sure to apply liberally at first to get it started and a little water wouldn't hurt. You always want to buff with one side doing the work but not where your edge is hitting. If you have a tough spot it's important to keep that edge away cause there's probably not any compound on it and it will be dry and burn. This can also happen on accident where your edge happens to hit an angle.

Don't be afraid though, buffing is really easy and when you make a mistake buffing it's usually the last time you'll make that mistake. My only buffing mistakes were doing things I knew I wasn't supposed to but I got cocky. Just knowing the dos and donts is usually enough to keep you safe.