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09-09-2009, 08:25 AM
Hi again, about to have another go on Hilux Dual Cab 4x4, an oldie but a goodie:) , the roof channels are rusted from back door to front window, rust patch near from Cnr of window, both sides, have got the Spot blaster:D from Len. Now a few Q's before I start, am about to fix a bonnet to put on, went to a wrecker for a patch piece from an 83 Hilux, an lo and behold the yard one is better than the one I was going to fix, Hallelujah for that, just need to clean it up, fix a cpl of dents, remove the surface rust, and back in business b4 the cops put it off the Rd.
Now, sheesh what a long query, when I start on the roof, is it best to remove the liner and treat the welds after I finish?, is it possible?, any chance of liner catching fire when welding?, have read previous posts on correct welding procedure for thin metal, got the gas setup, am practicing welding a patch panel on an old door I have, can use the old bonnet as a donor for the roof sections.
Some would say why bother with such an old rig (my EX mechanic), all right if you are not on a carers pension, man we carers are just loaded :nono: .
Any info will help, can rely on advice in this Forum, has always lead me right and thanks for that.
Wondering if anyone has ever replaced the roof all together? expensive?.
Thanks in advance
Waz from Oz

09-09-2009, 10:45 AM
never did one but I'd think you'd have to plug weld inserts onto the car and drill holes in the donor and plug stitch it up. You got a bunch of gaps that need to be right too...all windows and door gaps. Doesn't seem easy but I tend to side with being worried. you can also throw a wet towel in your liner but always better to drop it. You'll get better help if you wait a few hours.

Bob K
09-09-2009, 11:06 AM
To your question on fire, yes remove the headliner. You can count on some molten metal dropping when you weld. If it doesnít catch fire and burn the head liner at the least it will get holes melted through it. I remove the seats and flooring when I am welding on a cab. If that isnít practical then at least cover them with something that wonít burn like a piece of sheet metal formed so that the red hot droplets roll out of the truck to the floor outside.

I also have my air hose close at hand and blow down the weld quite frequently. I try to keep the area cool enough that I can put my hand on the metal and not get burned. That is to say I weld a couple seconds and blow down the area then check it for heat build up before I go on with more welding. Remember there may be paint on the back side of what you are welding and you can get a fire back there that will soon get out of hand. There is foam inside some of the box structure and that can catch fire. Also be aware of where your sparks are going. They can light up something a few feet from where you are working and you may not see it for a while. I keep a fire extinguisher close by.

When I weld I clean both sides of everything being welded and brush apply weld through primer on all surfaces that will be welded, (Spies Hecker Priomat Primer 3255 red brown) Rust or old paint even on the back side will cause a pop and spray metal all over and leave an ugly weld. I get better welds when I use that primer than when I weld bare steel so I never weld without it any more.

One last thing, remember that the glass will get pitted by the sparks from welding or grinding so either remove the glass or cover it well.

Bob K

09-10-2009, 12:26 AM
Many thanks for the advice, after reading some posts, will see if it is viable to have a new skin put on, if not, will go the route of repair, doing as advised, remove liner and seats, all good advice.
Thanks Tech and Bob for input. Once again this Forum is priceless.

09-10-2009, 12:44 AM
I do a lot of welding on quick odds and ends. One thing that amazed me is how once in a very long while something will start to smolder an hour or more later on. It has only happened with upholstery to me but you get the idea. I try not to do any welding around those types of things if I have to leave the shop in the near future, just in case.