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04-21-2006, 07:36 PM
Hello! as a new member of the autobody store hope all is well! and as a new beginner as for working on a vehical body. I have a 1978 chevy p/u short bed . The body is all original and in good working condition but does need work. It only has two spots that have been dented right front fender and the left front quarter panel between the cab and wheel well . but first , I have some rust , screws and bolt holes to repair. the bed had a camper top on it so the top has holes drilled out . I'm like alot of guys I dont have a mig welder either. I learn pretty quick on doing things, but I do appreciate the advice from someone who knows and has better experience in body work. I have read up on alot of info: on preparing holes so.I wanted to ask : what would be the best filler and material to use in repairing these holes ? I have also read all the different types of fillers .but unsure what is the best to use. most of the holes are up to a size of a quarter . would a metal to metal be good to use ! your experienced advice would be greatly appreciated.
thanks chevyman